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Everything that occurs in our mind represents something else from our mind. Every thought, every emotion, every word, every reaction... just anything that comes from us, represents something else that is already in us, that we are maybe not even aware of. Most often not easy to recognize where it comes from, as sometimes our brain has processed several events, traumas, or words and turned them into something else. But still uniquely ours. Still part of our mind and our being.

You can not say a word, or have a thought, not have a reaction to other person, that it's not connected to something that happened before. Most probably rooted in the childhood.

So, if any of those thought, words, pictures, fears, depressions, panics or whatever it is, is bothering you, it is time to change it. Because you can. The way to do that is to change how your mind works. To change those known and unknown references from where the unwanted reactions came from. It's time to design a new mind.

The quickest, most profound way of doing it is to apply Faster EFT/Eutaptics. In that way you set yourself free. You let go of anything & anyone that no longer serves your well being. Go for it and make a change that you deserve.

Enjoy your life, as every day is precious.

Come to the Happy Side of Life!


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